DCX Superfan of the Month: Brady

Brady is an energetic superfan with a vast Natalie Maines-inspired concert wardrobe! Read below to learn more about Brady.


What part of the country do you live in?
I am a proud product of the Midwest.  I am originally from a town called Austin, MN, aka the SPAM capital of the world.  I currently live in Sioux Falls, SD. 

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
I love to be with my friends and family, see new movies, and - of course - attend Dixie Chicks concerts.

What do you do for a living?
I am an anchor and reporter for a news station.

How many times have you seen Dixie Chicks live?
Does obsessively watching any and every YouTube concert video I can find/their live DVDs/documentary count?  If not, then I have seen them live five times.  My first show was the Accidents and Accusations tour in 2006.  I brought my mom, who is also a huge fan. In 2013, I drove 13 hours to Regina, Saskatchewan, to see them.  Fun story, I was almost bitten by a rattlesnake on the way there.  (Seriously.  I got out of my car to stretch my legs.  While walking in a grassy patch, I heard a rattle.  The snake was within striking distance of my ankle.  My first thought was, ‘Oh no.  If I get bit, I can’t see the Dixie Chicks.’  I suppose most people would have first considered their personal safety.)  Anyway, I made it to the front row.  I will call that a win.  I saw both nights of the MMXVI show when it stopped in St. Paul.  I brought my mom for night one.  On night two, I made it on stage and met Emily afterward.  She is the nicest person, and has a very sharp sense of humor.  Finally, I drove 17 hours to see the last night of MMXVII in Ontario.  I made it on stage again and Natalie photobombed me.   No offense to my friends and family, but I am pretty sure my life will not get any better than that. ;)

Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of DCX?
First and foremost, their music is the main reason I love DCX.  I challenge anyone to find a set of musicians more talented, versatile and real than these three.  Even though commercial radio has largely exiled them, their influence is ubiquitous in most forms of current popular country and pop music.  One does not often see people who are on top of the world (see what I did there?) risk everything to stand up for their beliefs.  I deeply respect them for having the strength to hold on to their convictions throughout every challenge they have faced.  They have inspired me to be a stronger and more resilient person.

How do you show your fandom?
I tend to wear a lot of black and white.  I have a vast collection of black and white striped shirts.  Basically my closet looks like it belongs to the Hamburglar.  I remember one of my friends once said, “I can’t wait to see which Natalie Maines-inspired outfit you’re going to wear tonight.”  Beyond my affinity for their aesthetic, I will talk about them at length to anyone who will listen.  I assume everyone finds DCX as interesting and amazing as I do.  I wrote about DCX for the final paper of my college women in media class.  Also, I am very protective of them.  Years ago I went on a date with someone who spoke ill of them.  There was no second date.

What in your mind makes the Dixie Chicks stand out from any other band?
Their musicianship and artistry is tough to beat.  Their amalgam of bluegrass and rock has created a sound that is truly their defining legacy.  I love that they are always challenging themselves, and evolving their music, while also staying true to the core DCX nuts and bolts.  The way Natalie, Martie, and Emily have done business and taken ownership of their brand also makes them leaders in the industry.  In a time when most music is homogenized, they have never stopped being bold musicians and innovators.

What currently is the most played song in your music library? (Any Artist)
Right now it is a three-way tie between Better Way, Nothing Compares 2 U, and Daddy Lessons.  Their duet with Beyonce on Daddy Lessons plays on repeat.  As for their recorded works, I still listen to The Long Way Around the most. 

What’s your favorite song from Dixie Chicks and why?
My absolute favorite song is The Long Way Around.  It’s my personal anthem.  The song, to me, is an awakening.  It’s about having the courage to do things on your own terms even when it does not make you popular.  The Long Way Around helped me get to know myself better.  The lyrics remind me of the importance of standing up for what you believe in and trusting your instincts.  I think the lyrics of Not Ready to Make Nice mirror that sentiment.  That song still gives me chills, and is a close tie for my number one favorite.  I also have to mention Lubbock or Leave It, Easy Silence, Truth No. 2, and The Neighbor.  Basically any song they do is more important than anything else in the world.  

What is your favorite album from Dixie Chicks and why?
Taking the Long Way is my favorite album.  I listened to it multiple times per day, every day, for years.  I bought it for so many people I know.  The rock-bluegrass-blues sound of it was like nothing I had heard at the time.  Also, for it to be a number one seller on multiple charts without any radio support is a testament to the vision and raw talent the Chicks possess.  When it won Album of the Year at the 2007 GRAMMYs, I screamed with delight in my college dorm room.  My neighbors checked on me to make sure I was alright.  

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
Twitter and Instagram are amazing tools to connect with artists I admire.  Not to brag, but Natalie has replied to not one, but TWO, of my tweets.  #nbd

What’s your favorite piece of DCX memorabilia?
The King guitar pick Natalie threw at the last show in London, Ontario.  Also, I still have the Dixie Chicks trading card that came with the Fly album. Other millennial children had baseball cards and Pokemon, I had this little gem.  Oh, I also have a signed Court Yard Hounds album cover.

What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
The very first concert I ever saw was Reba McEntire when I was four years old.  The last concert I saw was the Chicks’ MMXVII show in London, Ontario.  Up next is Ryan Adams in July.   
Did you attend any shows on the recent MMXVI/MMXVII Tour? If so, which ones?
I saw both nights of MMXVI when it stopped in St. Paul, MN.  I saw the last night of MMXVII in London, Ontario.

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a show?
My 17-hour drive to Ontario for MMXVII is the farthest I have traveled for a concert.  I would like to think the border agents enjoyed the concert photos I showed them on my way back into the U.S.

Tell us something about the Dixie Chicks that a lot of other fans may not know?
They are so kind, caring, and genuine to their fans.  I have been fortunate enough to get to know/meet other superfans (shout out to Michael, Heath, Chris, Mallory, and Diandra) and it’s so amazing to see how the Chicks interact with everyone who supports them.  Their crew is also awesome.   

If you could tell Dixie Chicks one thing, what would it be?
Thank you for making me brave.  Also, I would probably ask them if we could be best friends.  I would also tell Natalie I agree with her assessment that Tan Mom is not a legitimate member of Howard Stern’s Wack Pack.

You can follow Brady on Twitter @KELOBrady and Instagram @BradyLately.