September Super Fan of the Month: Mallory

Meet Mallory, our September DCX Superfan of the Month! She will be attending 16 MMXVI shows by the time the tour wraps up!! Learn more about her and why she is such a huge fan of the Chicks below!


What part of the country do you live in?
I live in Victoria, Texas by way of Midland, Michigan and the Denver, Colorado area.  I’ve moved most of the way across the country twice in the last two and a half years.

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
I really enjoy watching movies and TV.  They are the quickest way to learn almost anything you ever wanted to know – in my case, tons of pop culture.

I am also an avid sleeper (when I get the opportunity)!  My bed is probably my second favorite place in the world…

Above all, I love music!  I sing/scream/dance along in my car like nobody’s watching, I like learning new songs (mostly Chicks, of course) and new instruments (most recently mandolin), and I LOVE live performances!  Concerts (and sometimes musicals) are my absolute favorite place in the world!  For me, there is no other high like the one that comes from experiencing your favorite things (DCX!!!) in a way that will never be exactly repeated again!

What do you do for a living?
I am an engineer – the math and science kind, not the train kind.

How many times have you seen Dixie Chicks live?
As of mid-August, I have seen the Chicks live nine times.  I was only able to make it to one Accidents and Accusations show, but I have been to eight MMXVI shows, and I have eight more MMXVI shows scheduled… There are no words to describe how much fun I have had thus far and how excited I am for my upcoming MMXVI shows!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tickets for the MMXVI Tour can be found HERE)

Opening Night of North American MMXVI Tour in Cincinnati – June

Opening Night of North American MMXVI Tour in Cincinnati – June

I have also seen Court Yard Hounds live five times and had tickets to Natalie’s solo tour before the show I was going to was, sadly, cancelled…  So, by the end of MMXVI, I will have seen the Chicks and Hounds live at least 22 times!

Court Yard Hounds in Fargo – August 2013

Court Yard Hounds in Fargo – August 2013


Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of DCX?
Being a Dixie Chicks fan is a large part of my identity.  It starts, with the music!  The Chicks, et al. provide me with the soundtrack to my life, and their music is with me through the good and the bad.  I have also taught myself multiple instruments because of the Chicks.

However, being a fan of the Dixie Chicks is much, much more than the music!  I love having three wonderful role models.  I love that I can learn lessons from the Chicks, even if I don’t have the same life experiences.  I love the confidence I have because I am a Chicks fan – the only thing I question when considering wearing Chicks merchandise is which DCX shirt to wear!

How do you show your fandom?
I show my fandom by unabashedly sharing my love of the Chicks!  Almost everyone I meet knows that I am a huge Dixie Chicks fan.  I will talk anyone’s ear off about how amazing the Chicks are and why they should love the Chicks too!  Even the photographers at my friends’ recent wedding were interested in my love of the Chicks (and got a kick out of the fact I call them “the Chicks”)!  I also love wearing any and all merchandise as often as possible, even to work (luckily I don’t have to dress too formally)!

Of course I buy all of the music (and listen to it very loudly) and quote Shut Up and Sing (when appropriate), but most importantly, I make it to as many shows as I can and rock out as hard as I can at the show!  That is the most fun thing to do on the planet!  I even trained specifically for the three Texas MMXVI shows so the heat wouldn’t hamper my fun!

Houston Was Hot! – August 2016

Houston Was Hot! – August 2016

What’s your favorite song from Dixie Chicks and why?
My favorite Dixie Chicks song is “The Long Way Around.”  I connect with that song both musically and lyrically.  The beat and groove of the song really get me pumped up (for things like running, cleaning, and driving to DCX shows, of course)!  Lyrically, I really connect with the “I could never follow” mindset of doing things my way, on my time, even if it isn’t the easiest or most comfortable.

What is your favorite album from Dixie Chicks and why? 
I can’t give my favorite Dixie Chicks album without giving honorable mention to Home.  Maybe it’s just me, but how punk was it for a pop-crossover band to do a full-on bluegrass record?

That being said, my favorite Chicks album is definitely Taking the Long Way.

Taking the Long Way is my musical happy place – the opening guitar strumming on “The Long Way Around,” the triangle on “Easy Silence,” the Omnichord (!) on “Lullaby,” etc., etc., on top of Natalie’s buttery-amazing voice, all the pleasant harmonies, and Martie and Emily’s pure musical talent!?!  Come on!  And then add the wit, stories, and raw emotion of the lyrics to that!?!  EVERY song on TTLW reaches in and touches my soul every time I listen to it!  Even after ten years, I can still listen to the album and hear new things and connect to songs in new ways!

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
Like many other people, I mostly stay connected with my favorite artists on social media.  I love when I see tweets and Instagram posts from my favorites, like the shot Natalie posted when she went platinum earlier this year [ALL HAIL THE QUEEN]!

However, I think my connection to other fans from around the world has made me even more connected to my favorite artists, particularly the Chicks.  I’ve gotten almost minute-by-minute narration of Chicks shows I wasn’t even at!

DCX Superfan Meet-up in Cleveland – June 2016

DCX Superfan Meet-up in Cleveland – June 2016


What’s your favorite piece of DCX memorabilia?
I think my favorite DCX “memorabilia” is all the memories I have of the shows I’ve been to.  I’ve been able to share my love of the Chicks with my mom and sister at multiple shows and been fortunate enough to meet all three Chicks at different times.  Since I tend not to take any pictures or video at Chicks shows, it’s always an extra treat when I can find video of a particular part of a show online!

Mallory and her sister - June 2016

Mallory and her sister - June 2016

Mallory and her mother at a Court Yard Hounds Show - July 2014

Mallory and her mother at a Court Yard Hounds Show - July 2014


I think my painting of the Chicks’ tour photo (and the shirts I’ve made with it) is my favorite tangible Chicks memorabilia.  I don’t do much art, but I was really inspired by the tour photo to be creative!

Mallory's Painting of the MMXVI Tour Photo

Mallory's Painting of the MMXVI Tour Photo


What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
I believe my first concert was “Weird Al” Yankovic when I was five! (Yes! You read that correctly!)  Interestingly enough, I have actually been able to bond with other Chicks fans over Weird Al.

Both the last concert I saw and the next I will see are DCX MMXVI shows!

How many DCX MMXVI shows do you plan on attending? Which ones?
I have a total of 16 DCX MMXVI shows planned.  I started with ten, but was (very easily) convinced to join some other superfans in Toledo, which opened the door to my additional six shows.  My MMXVI list is:

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Camden, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Little Rock, New Orleans, Louisville, and Toledo.

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a show?
I think the single furthest distance I have traveled to see a show was for the Camden show earlier on in MMXVI, which was somewhere around 1,500 miles one-way.

I also drove 4,600 miles roundtrip on my road trip to see the first four North American MMXVI shows in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago.

Tell us something about the Dixie Chicks that a lot of other fans may not know?
This is a tough one since I know a lot of very smart superfans. However, I did have a really cool, somewhat unique, DCX experience this past March… While leaving the Austin airport, “Bitter End” was playing on the speakers throughout the airport! Does that count as something about the Chicks that others may not know?

If you could tell Dixie Chicks one thing, what would it be?
If I could tell the Dixie Chicks one thing, it would be THANK YOU!

Thank you for standing up for what you believe.  Thank you for taking on the hard topics.  Thank you for making it cool to be talented.  Thank you for being all-around bad asses!

Most importantly, thank you for giving me a place where I am never afraid to be myself!

If you relate to Mallory's super fandom, tell her about it! Find her on Twitter @amallory48 or instagram also @amallory48

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