August DCX Superfan of the Month: Heidi

Meet our DCX Superfan of the Month for August - Heidi, who supports the Chicks all the way from Germany!

What part of the World do you live in?
Northwest of Germany, Eastfrisia

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
I love to spend time with my Goddaughters, taking walks with my dog and listening to music.

Heidi and her goddaughters Alea & Malena

Heidi and her goddaughters Alea & Malena

What do you do for a living?
I´m in invalidity pension and I have a part-time job as a driver at a Day Care

How many times have you seen Dixie Chicks live?
Only two times so far, it will be three times in October in L.A. (Tickets here)

Heidi's pics from DCX MMXVI Tour Stop in Amsterdam

Heidi's pics from DCX MMXVI Tour Stop in Amsterdam

Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of DCX?
Martie, Emily and Natalie are awesome and very talented ladies who stand for their word and that´s why they deserve our love and support. I´m happy to be a part of their music over here in Europe, especially my country Germany. I love their music, their songs reflect my thoughts and helped me throughout good and bad times.

How do you show your fandom?
I frequently send song requests to several radio stations in my country. Country music isn´t that popular in my country. The radio stations are more interested in rock and pop. I share all the DCX news and all my great memories on social media, especially on my Facebook page and travel all around Europe and even to see them live in London, Amsterdam and L.A. (Tickets for LA show October 8th available HERE). Music connects and it's helped me find friends around the world just from following Dixie Chicks' music.

Heidi's photo from the DCX MMXVI Tour Stop in London

Heidi's photo from the DCX MMXVI Tour Stop in London


What in your mind makes the Dixie Chicks stand out from any other band?
They can play all kinds of music, they are uniquely harmonized, not just three of them but the whole band and even in every collaboration. At every performance, on every stage you can feel the perfect flow and you´ll never get bored or annoyed because they wow you with their energy. I always feel entertained by their music, their passion and fun.

What currently is the most played song in your music library?
Easy Silence & More Love

What’s your favorite song from Dixie Chicks and why?
Well, I don´t need to tell you that I love all their songs but my favorite song... might be Silent House. It´s so moving, especially because it´s quite like my story. My parents suffered from dementia and both passed away in 2014. It´s makes me very emotional talking about and it moves me to tears when I hear ithe song. 

What is your favorite album from Dixie Chicks and why?
Taking the Long Way because it's so emotional.

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
I follow Natalie on Twitter and feel blessed to get answered by her every now and then. Furthermore I follow Emily on Instagram, enjoy the pics she shares and I try to join any live events online they hold. I´m also connected via Facebook, as you can see my page is covered with their pictures and I also follow some fanpages like

What’s your favorite piece of DCX memorabilia?
The DCX Poster from the tour and my DCX sweater. I had a hoodie, too but I lost it in London :(

Heidi's DCX VIP swag

Heidi's DCX VIP swag


What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
Roxette in Berlin, the Dixie Chicks in Amsterdam and the next will be the Dixie Chicks in L.A.!!:-))

How many DCX MMXVI shows do you plan on attending? Which ones?
Two Shows, Amsterdam and Los Angeles (Tickets HERE)

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a show?
London 2014 but this year it will definitely be Los Angeles

Tell us something about the Dixie Chicks that a lot of other fans may not know?
Back in 2003 and 2006 Natalie, Martie and Emily visited Germany for some concerts and even tv performances. At one of those TV shows (it was right after the soccer world championship in 2006) they were asked by the host to play “Blind Kick”, two players on each team had to play blind (their eyes covered with blind folds) just guided by the words of a caller. Martie was the caller and she led her to the win. Natalie and Emily were the fans hollering at the teams. This was so fun to watch.

Check it out here! (the game starts around the 3:00 mark)


If you could tell Dixie Chicks one thing, what would it be?
Well, it's been 10 years since they have played in my country and even though I would travel around Europe, like I did this tour, I want to ask them when they would return to Germany for shows here. It´s about time and it´s not just me wanting them here. They have lots of German fans! Another question I have for them: Is there new music and will there be another album released soon? Oh, and...thank you for the Easy silence you make for me! ;-)

If you want to learn more about Heidi, find here on Instagram HERE and on Twitter HERE