Natalie Maines Lends Vocals to 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons welcomes some new guest voice talent in Sunday's episode that DCX fans will instantly recognize!

Via Mashable:

SNL's Kate McKinnon lends her voice as Hettie, a homeless woman Bart befriends after accidentally sending her only possessions into the river. In spending time together, Bart soon learns that Hettie is a fantastic folk singer.

Natalie Maines lends her vocals for Hettie's singing parts, one of which is teased above in a clip you're seeing first on Mashable. It's a slightly moody sneak peek — they even use moody black and white stills for the montage — but the episode as a whole seemingly has its share of dramatic turns.

Bart and Lisa soon learn that Hettie's musical abilities are not her only secret... You'll see what we mean Sunday Feb. 21st at 8:00/7c on FOX.