DCX Cover to Discover: Emily Ann Roberts of 'The Voice' Performs 'Cowboy Take Me Away'

The Voice contestant Emily Ann Roberts recently hit the studio to perform the Dixie Chicks' classic 'Cowboy Take Me Away' after performing the song live as part of the Knockouts rounds on the competition.  We caught up with Emily to get her thoughts behind the selection. Here's what she had to say:

I have been listening to the Dixie Chicks since I was a little girl. I remember jamming out to 'Cowboy Take Me Away' in the car with my mom and older sister. The Dixie Chicks music has made such an impact in my life as an artist. I love country music but growing up in East Tennessee has given me a deep love for bluegrass. I think the Dixie chicks are the perfect blend of those two styles; they're a country band with bluegrass influences with their instrumentation. I was really hoping to sing one of their songs on The Voice. When I got to sing 'Cowboy Take Me Away' for my knockout it was so fitting for the way I was feeling being so far from home. I'm used to my small town easy simple life and I was living a completely different life while I was on the show. I longed for home and the outdoors and simple living and 'Cowboy Take Me Away' talks about that perfectly. I was really nervous trying to sing a Dixie Chicks song just because they're so incredible and I have loved their music my whole life so it was definitely a challenge but it ended up being one of my favorite performances!

Take a listen to Emily Ann Roberts performing the track below:

And, watch her performing live on The Voice: 

To learn more about Emily, follow her on Twitter @EmilyAnn_Music

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