DCX Cover: 'Some Days You Gotta Dance' by Pauper Kings

UK band Pauper Kings recently released this cover of 'Some Days You Gotta Dance'. Team DCX caught up with the band's lead singer, Tim McKay, to get his thoughts on the inspiration behind the cover.

Why did you decide to cover Dixie Chicks? 
Tim: Musically, we believe that we have many similarities with the Dixie Chicks. We are an English Country music group with crossover tendencies to pop, soft rock, and alternative Country music. Taking inspiration from the likes of the Dixie Chicks (two of the band members are also siblings), our speciality as a band is our harmony vocals. 'Some Days You Gotta Dance' has always been a successful cover song for us as it's an upbeat feel good track! We love the song as fans, and it's even more fun to play and sing.

What was your approach to covering the song?
Tim: When we decided to cover this song acoustically, we wanted to strip everything back and make it as raw as possible to show off our harmony vocals. 

Where was the video shot?
Tim: This performance was taken in Oxfordshire UK at the 'Under the Apple Tree' studio with Bob Harris, Miles, and Trudie. We would like to thank them for the support they have shown to our band so far. 

Check out Pauper Kings cover of 'Some Days You Gotta Dance' now below!

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